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Security Professionals

Our team is composed of highly trained individuals with many years of experience. Our security officers are certified to carry baton, pepper spray and handcuffs. Our security officers exceed the licensing requirements by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, as we provide them with additional training to handle any situation they may encounter. We offer both Armed and Unarmed security personnel and we train our security officers on providing excellent customer service.


Services Provided

Property and asset Protection

Event Security

Gem show security service

Private gatherings and parties

Courtesy patrol services in company marked vehicles 

Body guard services

24 hour emergency response dispatch service.

 Need security services for apartment complex and student living properties? We can offer solutions to put a stop to the noise complaints, apartments with high traffic, the loud gatherings and parties so you can meet your tenancy numbers and keep your tenants happy. Send us a quick email and or gives us call and let us take care of your needs.


Commitment and Reliability

Let Control Alt Secure be the solution to your problems. We treat every client as if it was our only client and we focus on exceeding expectations. No matter the time of day or night, you will always be able to speak with an operations manager who gets assigned to our every client. This means we are only a phone call away in case you need us. All of our services are tailored to your needs. We use a combination of different services to tackle and help you put an end to problems. We are a hands on company with many years of experience. We will take on many of the jobs that others wont take due to the risks involved. Control Alt Secure offers quick response times for patrol dispatch requests. 

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